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   Description of  Kabupaten Pacitan
Monument of R.M. SURYO, the first governor of East Java, is about 2 hoursdrive from the town, 181 km, from Surabaya.

Pacitan as a second level region is located between: 110' 55' - 110' 25' East longitude and 7' 55' - 8' 17' South latitude.

It is administratively bordered on:
- the east : the Region of Trenggalek
- the south: Indonesian Ocean
- the west : The Region of Wonogiri (Central Java)
- the north: The Region of Ponorogo

The condition of this region is 85 % mountainous. There are about 300 small mountains with the total area 1,419.44 km2.

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Pacitan: Membedah Perut Bumi

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