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   Description of  Kabupaten Blitar
Blitar second level Regency is one of the second level regencies located between 111? 40' - 112? 10' East Longitude and 7? 09' South latitude covering 1,588,79 km? with limits as follows:
- Northern part : Kediri and Malang regency
- Southern part : Indonesian Ocean
- Eastern part : Malang regency
- Western part : Tulungagung and Kediri

a. The highest temperature : 30?
b. The lowest temperature : 18?
c. The rainfall rates per year : 31.6 - 4000.846 m?

Land Area
Land area are 1,588.9 km? is seperated by Brantas river flowing from east to west. Northern part : 848.79 km, fertile land with declivity 0 - 2% kind of land are regosol, litosol, and main material volcanic of quartz sand smooth texture and little rough texture. Southern part : 690 km, kind of land are litosol, mediteran and renzina is on the declivity 5 - 40%. Kind of land area as follow:
- Field 30.74%
- Forest 21.56%
- Houses 16.96%
- Plantation 8.48%
- Water 0.05%
- Others 0.66%

Land Structure and Elevation
Based on the topographic region of physical land in Blitar 2nd level regency is divided into 2 separated regions by the Brantas riverflowing from the East to the West. In North Blitar regions has very fertile land types with the land declivity 0 - 2%. The Sorts of land consists of regosol and latosol with the main material of quartz sand covering 898.79 km?. The Width of North Blitar region is 690 km and its topographic land condition has the declivity 2 - 2 % with the sorts of land consisting latosol, mediteran and renzina which are the main material lime stone in mediocre texture with the effective depth between 30 - 60%.

a. The highest place: 800 m above sea level
b. The lowest place : 40 m above sea level

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