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   Description of  Kabupaten Bondowoso
Ancient Inheritance
Ancient Inheritance is an authentic proof from the Megalithic (anchestor) at about 3,000 years ago. At that time, Bondowoso had been touched by human being who had the spirit of unity which was marked by the helping each other attitude and the high norm that had been agreed by the society consistently.

The Ancient Inheritance on this place does not only give a role in the development of science and richen the quantity of cultural assets but also support the tourism objects in this area.

Bondowoso 2nd level regency is one of the second level regencies located between 7? 50' 10" - 7? 56' 4" East longitude and 113? 48' 27" - 113? 48' 26" South latitude covering 1,560 square kilometers with limits as follows:

Northern part : Situbondo regency
Southern part : Jember regency
Eastern part : Banyuwangi regency
Western part : Probolinggo regency

The highest temperature : 29? C
The lowest temperature : 26? C
The rainfall rates per year : 25 - 1,000 Mm

Bondowoso Regency is located between hills and mountains and demographically, borders Probolinggo Regency in the west, Banyuwangi in the East, Jember Regency in the South and Situbondo Regency in the North.

Rainfall in Bondowoso Regency, on the average is 2,170.3 meter cubics per year with 91 rainy days. While the special rainfall on the average is 2,180 meter cubics per year with 99 rainy days per year.

Wind blows in Bondowoso Regency during the month of April, May, June, September from the South East at a medium speed. While in July and August, the wind blows from the west at high speed. In October, November, and December, the wind blows with a medium speed, and in January, February, the wind blows with a very high speed.

Temperature in Bondowoso Regency on the average is 26? C - 29? C with a minimum temperature of 23? C. Such a minimum temperature gives Bondowoso area a good climate.

The area profile and condition of Bondowoso Regency is various. Some of the area is hilly. Some other is mountainous with the declivity of 0 - 2% up to more than 40%. In detail, it is classified = 44.4% of the area is mountains, 30.7% land, 24.2% of Bondowoso area's altitude is 25 meters up to 1,000 meters above the sea level.

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