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Coban Rondo Waterfall
It is a recreational place which is located on the foot of Panderman mountain completed with a beautiful panorama. It has a cool weather and many recreational facilities.

This waterwall has an interesting legend to be told. It is said that the name Coban Rondo Waterfall derived from a newly married couple. The bride was Dewi Anjarwati from Gunung Kawi (Mount Kawi), and she married Raden Baron Kusumo from Gunung Anjasmoro (Mount Anjasmoro). After they got married for 36 days (in Javanese: selapan), Anjarwati asked her husband to go together to Mount Anjasmoro. However, Anjarwati's parents forbade them to go because they were newly wedded couple for only 36 days. The two of them insisted to go anyway whatever they might face on the way there. While on the way, both of them were startled by the presence of Joko Lelono, a man from nowhere. It seemed that Joko Lelono was attracted to the beauty of Dewi Anjarwati, and he tried to take her away from Raden Baron Kusumo. Fight between Joko Lelono and Raden Baron Kusuma was unavoidable. Raden Baron Kusumo asked punokawan who accompanied him (Petruk, Gareng, Semar, Bagong) to hide Anjarwati, and then to bring her to a place with a waterfall (in Javanese: coban). The fight was very fierce, and both of the men were killed. Therefore, Anjarwati became a widow (in Javanese: rondo). Since then, the waterfall (coban) where Anjarwati waited for her husband has been known as Coban Rondo. It is said that the huge stone under the waterfall was the place where Anjarwati used to sit to weep her fate.

According to governmental administration, Coban Rondo is included to Pandansari Village, Pujon subdistrict, Malang, with the borders:
North: Sebakuh Village
South: Paranggembang Village
West: Pujon Kidul Village
East: Batu subdistrict
However, according to the administration area of forest development, Coban Rondo is included into KPH Malang, BKPH Pujon, and RPH (Forest Police Resort) South Pujon.

Geographically, this area is located at 5?40'-5?42' East Longitude and 7?52'-7?54' South Longitude. This place is as high as 1,200 m under the sea level with 1,721 mm raindrops every year. The temperature is about 22?C; the rainy season is from November until March, and the dry season is from April until October.

How long to get to Coban Rondo Waterfall
From Surabaya to Malang, it is about 80 km (2 hours). From Malang to Batu, it is about 19 km (45 minutes). And from Batu to Coban Rondo, it is about 7 km (15 minutes).

How to get to Coban Rondo Waterfall
It can be reached easily by any kinds of vehicles, such as:

Private vehicle
To do a trip from Surabaya to Coban Rondo, it is better to take the way to Malang (80 km) in about 2 hours, then continue to Batu (19 km) in about 45 minutes, after that to Pujon (Coban Rondo) - 7 km - in about 15 minutes.

Public transportation
There are 3 bus terminals in Malang: Arjosari, Gadang, and Landungsari. First, if visitors start from Bungurasih/Purabaya terminal (Surabaya), then they can take the bus to Malang. After they arrive at Arjosari Terminal, they continue by taking mikrolet to Landungsari. From Landungsari, they can take a bus to Kediri/Jombang, and they stop in front of a cow statue. To reach Coban Rondo, visitors have to walk to the entrance door (for about 10 minutes walk), or hire an ojek (people riding motorcycle for hire) that can be found around the cow statue.

If visitors start from Gadang Terminal (Blitar), then they can use mikrolet to Landungsari. From Landungsari they take a bus to Kediri/Jombang, then they stop in front of a cow statue. After that, they take a walk to the entrance door or by ojek.

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