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National Park Baluran
The Baluran National Park is a natural preservation, located on the Eastern tip of Java. Administratively, this area belongs to Situbondo Regency, East Java. From a technical aspect, the Baluran National Park is managed by the Directorate of National Parks, and Tourist Forestry, of the Department of Forestry.

At the moment, the Baluran National National Park occupies 27,868 hectares, comprising of 23,713 hectares of land, and 4,155 hectares of sea. Compared to other conservation areas on Java, Baluran is the only area that has natural savana deserts. These occupy some 10,000 hectares, or about 40% of the total area.

Besides that, the Baluran National Park has the most complete forest ecosystem, i.e. savana deserts, beach forests, seasonal forests, mountain forests, forests that stay green all year long, and mangrove forests. The focus of interest of this tourist area is Mount Baluran, which is now non-active. The walls of fits crater are between 900 to 1,247 metres high, bordering off the caldera that's 600 metres deep.

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